energy transition driven

Enerxia was founded in 2016 by Alexandre Garèse

as a private equity investment company based in Luxemburg and dedicated to the upstream oil & gas sector. Alexandre Garèse is a French lawyer, entrepreneur and investor in various sectors in Western and Eastern Europe.

Enerxia focuses on oil & gas production, which is still today a key driver of the energy industry, by developing integrated industrial projects in Europe and nearby countries and by seeking mid-term performance.
The objective of Enerxia is to build a vertically integrated energy industrial group, from energy sources to end users‘ supply.

Initial focus on Eastern Europe and Russia

In the short-term perspective, Enerxia targets its investments more specifically on oil & gas production in Russia and Kazakhstan, where the current geopolitical context offers interesting business opportunities with assets already in production, or very close to production in mature areas.

Enerxia’s strategy is to prioritize natural gas, as the most appropriate ‘transition energy’ already available in quantity and able to currently contribute to CO2 emissions reduction in a significant way compared to other hydrocarbons and coal.

Russia and Kazakhstan represent a first scope for Enerxia’s operational deployment. In parallel further targeted operations are investigated within other European mature onshore and offshore areas, in order to rapidly and significantly increase in size, while committing itself to lower carbon footprint with smart investments on the path to renewed energy fields.

The right momentum for E&P opportunities

E&P industry faces a strong rarefaction of financial resources allocated to their most promising projects. Technology and expertise are available in the short term at reasonable costs for the most efficient appraisal and step-by-step development of middle class upstream assets, which Enerxia and its teams commit to.

An alternative way for E&P

In close link with associated consultants and technical experts, coming from top ranked international energy companies, Enerxia benefits from a skilled and experienced team managed by Alain Rossignol.

Enerxia has dedicated a straightforward and rigorous governance which enables a very short and efficient decision-making process to seize market opportunities and carry out development projects successfully.


Alain Rossignol

Alain Rossignol

Alain Rossignol is a Senior Executive Manager in Energy & Gas Sector